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Miles Gibson is an Iron Speed MVP with over ten years of experience building hundreds of Iron Speed applications.  Miles has been an IT professional for over 25 years.  

Localizing an Iron Speed application is easy.  There are just a few things to remember before getting started.

1. Backup your application.  This seems like overkill, but we want to make sure that just in case something goes wrong, you are going to be able to revert to your last good version.  We backup our apps every day with WinZip or WinRAR.

2. Now that you have backed up your application -- you did back it up, right?  Now that is done, we can begin.

3. Click the Browse button to select a valid Iron Speed folder.  You are only selecting the folder, and not any of the contents inside, as shown below:

Select Application Folder

Select Application Folder

When you click Ok, Localizer will briefly examine your application.  Note that because some applications are huge (hundreds of tables), Localizer does not do a full scan right away.  See below.

After selecting application folder

After selecting application folder

That is why Localizer does not yet report on the number of tables, views and pages in your application.  If you want to see "what is what" in your application before starting the process of localizing your application, then you can click the Document Application (slower) check box. 

Analyze this application fully.

Analyze this application fully.

Now click the Analyze button.

Tree view after Analysis is complete

Tree view after Analysis is complete

Looking at the tree view above, you can see that Localizer has discovered all of the tables, views and pages that are in this application.  Expand each of the areas to see the contents of your application. 

Note when looking at the tables section, that Iron Speed has discovered all of the virtual primary and foreign keys for each table.

Ok.  Before we click the magic Localize button, lets have a quick look at Languages.  By default, Localizer will Localize all of the languages that selected in the Localize Step in the Application Wizard when you created your application (or subsequently later added).

At this point the wheels are turning, and you are thinking.. I can localize EVERY LANGUAGE.  Well... You could, but should you?  The formula is simple:

# of Languages X # of Controls Found = Total Fields to Process.  Huh?  Yep.  Localizer will scan your application and look for every database field label, menu item, tab heading, dialog header, page title and so on...  Do the math and you will realize that is a lot of controls to process!!

Although Localizer is fast, that is still a lot to process.  So be kind to yourself, generate only the pages that you need in Iron Speed, and only select the languages that your customers want.

When localization is complete, you MUST: 

a. Close and Re-Open the application that Localizer just worked on.

b. Do a Re-Build All. 

c. Review the pages in your application.   Make sure everything is perfect.  

Occasionally Localizer messes up and does not parse a literal construct properly, and you will get an error when you attempt to run your application.  Don't panic!  Usually the problem areas are in the Page Heading or a Panel Heading literal.  Have a look there first.  Then email us if you can't figure it out.

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