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Miles Gibson is an Iron Speed MVP with over ten years of experience building hundreds of Iron Speed applications.  Miles has been an IT professional for over 25 years.  

New!  Works with Iron Speed Designer V11.1 & 12.X

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Complete Iron Speed application localization with the click of a button!

For many businesses, the need to offer multilingual applications is a business requirement that can involve a lengthy and costly process.  However, with Milestone Localizer, you can quickly and easily translate languages within your Iron Speed web database apps.  Milestone Localizer is a comprehensive tool which both tokenizes and translates all of the components of your application for the languages you have chosen into existing Iron Speed Resource files.

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Release Notes

Localizer Sample Applications can be found here


  • Designed to complement Iron Speed Designer*, Milestone Localizer will provide your business with the competitive advantage it needs, to localize your applications and operate internationally.  Como esta?
  • Before full localization with Localizer, only the navigation and the page buttons are localized to the selected language.  The dialog headers, field labels and tab headings are all still in English.

Note below how Iron Speed does not complete the localization process: 

Sample application before localization

Sample application before localization













With an application that is fully localized, all of the major components are dealt with.  These include

    • Menu items for all menus, including sub-menus
    • Field Labels, including custom labels/literals/custom html
    • Tab Panel Headings
    • Column Headings
    • Page and Dialog Titles
    • Database Level Field Label 'Display As'
      in other words... everything!

    After Milestone Localizer has been used against this project.

    After Milestone Localizer has been used against this project.

    Milestone Localizer then translates all of the above entries to the different languages you have selected for your application. Milestone Localizer has been tested with the following languages:

    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Arabic

    However, Localizer will work with every language supported by Iron Speed and can be translated by either Bing and/or Google.

    Note: Licensed users will require a valid Google and/or Bing Translate API account to translate applications.  Trial Editions do not require this step.

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